Our Purpose

Creativity should be free from monolithic, dogmatic and passionless corporate restraints. That’s why we commit all our entrepreneurial drive to unleashing the best on-screen storytelling for the world. We call this storymaking.

There is no one Banijay way to make stories, we clear the paths all our people want to explore. We let our storymakers have their spark, then add the oxygen to make it catch fire.

We are Banijay – Storymaking set free

What Defines Us?

The World’s Best Talent

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We are a collective of the best talent in the world and collaboration sits at the heart of all we do. We partner to grow ideas and maximise on them worldwide. 


We are a lean team with big ambitions. We encourage autonomy and promote independent thinking and decision-making. And while there is one goal, we believe in the power of enabling our teams to use different paths to get there.

Leading IP & the Largest TV Catalogue on the Planet

IP is king. We pride ourselves on high-quality content with local and global appeal. With a TV catalogue of over 85,000+ hours, we play home to some of the world’s top Scripted and Unscripted brands and multi-platform titles.


We give our talent the space, freedom and incentivisation to create the best and most compelling content and IP in the world. We believe in taking risks to succeed and by fostering local creativity to drive travelling formats, we have built the biggest TV catalogue on the planet.


Our independence is what sets us apart. We are agile and proud to be able to partner with any buyer or seller worldwide.

Year of creation
Production labels

We have no corporate rules, layers or bureaucracy to stop us making the best stories told the best way.


Banijay is a home for everyone, and together, we are committed to ensuring we have a truly representative and inclusive workforce that thrives on diverse perspectives. We want everyone to feel welcome and excited to work with us both on and off-screen.

Our planet is incredibly important to us and as such, we are taking the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our overall impact on the environment. Both corporately and on-set, we are making the necessary changes to drive change, while educating our audiences.

Our welfare pledge


Banijay believes in providing a safe environment for everyone


Banijay believes in offering a respectful and inclusive setting for its talent in front of, and behind the camera


Banijay believes in driving equality and diversity both on and off-screen


Banijay believes in giving our teams the adequate support, to protect theirs and our contributor’s wellbeing and dignity


Banijay believes in immediate and appropriate duty of care for all its contributors


Banijay believes in supporting the physical and mental health of its staff and contributors


Banijay believes in tough sanctions against anyone guilty of inappropriate behaviour


Banijay believes in an open culture where nobody is afraid to speak up


Banijay believes in striving towards carbon-neutral production


Banijay believes in evolving and re-assessing these welfare pledges as times and circumstances change

Baniday: Banijay Gives Back

In 2019, Banijay committed to giving back to the local communities in which it operates, via its first corporate social responsibility day – Baniday. Each year, teams across our global business will down their professional tools for a day, to provide help and time to charities, local governments and not-for-profit organisations in the cities and towns in which they live and work.

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