TLC, the Definitive Destination for Unforgettable Medical Transformation Programming, Announces Two New Limited Series: Stuck and Body Parts’

Press Release

January 19, 2022

Nobody does extreme, emotional and heart-palpitating medical programming like TLC. Home to hit medical series such as DR. PIMPLE POPPER, MY 600-LB LIFE and MY FEET ARE KILLING ME, viewers flock to the network for unmatched stories of transformation, rare medical conditions and outstanding medical personalities. Beginning this February, TLC, the #1 network for W25-54 and W18-49 in 2020 and 2021, will introduce two new limited medical series: STUCK and BODY PARTS.

“We can’t wait to introduce Allison Vest, an endearing anaplastologist, who will have patients and viewers in tears as she transforms lives using her gifted skills in art and science to recreate missing BODY PARTS,” said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals. “And in another vein, our new immersive medical series STUCK promises a rush of anticipation as doctors try to pry out objects that have invaded patient’s bodies in places they should very clearly not be STUCK.”

In the new medical series STUCK, imagine a high heel through the face, a bug lodged deeply inside an ear, an arrow through the wrist — you get the idea. Cameras are given access behind the surgical curtain to witness these particularly jaw-dropping medical conundrums and the incredible lengths that medical professionals go to fix them. Viewers will witness foreign body extractions and removal procedures as they happen in real time, as well as interviews with patients, doctors and medical staff who will reveal the extraordinary details behind how these accidents took place. From inside several different medical facilities around the country, STUCK promises the wildest, most fascinating and downright unbelievable interventions required to free objects lodged inside of peoples’ bodies, with no easy exit in sight.

Our next project, BODY PARTS, features certified anaplastologist Allison Vest who has over 20 years of experience. For the first time, this top-of-her-field professional is opening the doors to her practice and sharing the most devastating cases of patients who have lost major body parts, giving them a second chance by creating amazing, realistic prosthetics to help restore their lives to normalcy. Oftentimes, her prosthetics go undetected thanks to the skillful combination of skin color correction, hair placement, and even delicately painted veins. But, for her patients, there’s nothing discreet about the impact these parts have, from a woman who lost her hands after an extreme case of pneumonia to a boy missing both ears after a dog attack. Enter Allison’s body part workshop to experience a world of wonder, hope, healing and strength.


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