Endemol Shine Brasil Creates A Talent Agency Arm and Associates with the Suba Agency

Press Release

September 28, 2021

Endemol Shine Brasil, part of Banijay – the world’s largest independent content conglomerate, will start managing the participants of the well-known reality shows it produces. To do so, it partnered with the SUBA agency, a specialist in influential content. The first talents to be managed will be from productions The Bridge (HBO Max), Canta Comigo (All Together Now – TV Globo) and Queen Stars (HBO Max). 

“In 2018, Endemol Shine Brasil, through its licensing department, began to understand internally that all actions and campaigns by licensees that involved the company’s productions ended up being carried out with the participants of its projects. We identified an opportunity there, which began in France and Spain, when Endemol in both countries also began to manage its talents”, explains Fernanda Abreu, Head of Licensing at Endemol Shine Brasil.

Fernanda adds that the idea was to start the agency plan in 2019, but the pandemic arrived and the ESB had to postpone the project. SUBA, according to her, will act as a strategic arm of Endemol Shine Brasil. “We saw in SUBA a partner with a converging vision about the potential and the way to expand the projection platform of the talents that we reveal in our productions, and we are sure that this association will bear much fruit”, adds the executive, explaining that, in relation to MasterChef’s talents, the partnership will be maintained with Meni, a company that has been managing the program’s participants for some years. 

Reality shows are increasingly powered by the power of the internet and come to life beyond television with social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. This partnership of agency of participants, according to Fernanda – who heads this project at Endemol, is a great differential for the new talents that appear in each program. Since the beginning of its operation in Brazil, in 2007, ESB has produced more than 120 different projects, which together brought together thousands of participants, in attractions that reach around 40 million spectators a day, as is the case of Big Brother Brazil.

“We feel very happy and prestigious to be chosen as the exclusive partner of a company of the caliber of Endemol. And absolutely excited about the potential for project generation, since reality shows, due to their great adherence and engagement with audiences, are true powerhouses for the creation and expansion of personal brands, and Endemol is the main world reference in this program format”, says Ronaldo Rangel, SUBA’s Chief Growth Officer. 


About the reality shows:

Canta Comigo is an adaptation of the original format All Together Now, by Banijay, and brings together candidates from all over Brazil, singing on a large stage in front of 100 judges, so that they win over the evaluators with their performances and make them participate in the show. The program is shown on Record TV.

The Bridge brings together 12 strangers on an island, with a common purpose: to win the R$700K prize. The money is only 300 meters away, but in the middle there is a river. They have 30 days to build a bridge with their own hands. Queen Stars, presented by Pabllo Vittar and Luísa Sonza, will reveal a drag queen band. Both will be broadcast on HBO MAX.Sobre a Endemol Shine Brasil.


TBI: Banijay expands talent agency focus with Endemol Shine Brasil