Golden Scorpion and Facundo carry their rivalry to a new level in Jalas o te Rajas, the new Prime Video series

Press Release

May 25, 2023

Prime Video announces the launch of its new comedy series Jalas o te Rajas, where Escorpión Dorado and Facundo will spare no effort to prove themselves and undo years of unresolved rivalry. Jalas o te Rajas joins the Prime membership catalog and will premiere on June 16 on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories. Prime members in Mexico have access to free and fast shipping and entertainment, all in one membership.

The god of the internet, Golden Scorpion, and the god of TV, Facundo, have been competing for many years without resolution. In this series, they both sign a contract pledging to face extreme challenges created by their famous friends who want to see them suffer and compete, all knowing that the loser of each challenge will be severely punished. Road tripping through Mexico and battling to prove who is the true winner, these two savages will do whatever it takes to show who is who once and for all.

But the challenge goes further, since both will be challenged by some of the great rivals of their careers: Roberto Palazuelos, Franco Escamilla, El Diablito, Miguel “El Piojo Herrera”, Lolita Cortés, Kunno, Lorena Herrera, Alejandra Guzmán and the German urban artist. The series will have six 30-minute episodes, premiering two per week.

The series was created by Banijay Mexico & U.S. Hispanic with the production of Marie Leguizamo, Álex Montiel, Andrea Hülsz and Armando Álvarez.

These cleverly thought out challenges will seek to make you suffer, but each completed challenge will accumulate a sum of money that will be donated to a charity. Completing each challenge will also give you the clue to the location of the next one, however the loser of each challenge will face severe punishments in order to advance. All this wrapped in a comic tone and very characteristic of each one of them.