Mark and Steven Erickson of Atlanta, GA, Named Season Two’s “LEGO MASTERS!”

Press Release

September 14, 2021

After Some Unbelievable LEGO®-Building Challenges, The Season Finale Was a Sibling Showdown Between THREE Incredible Teams of Brothers: Caleb and Jacob (22 | 22 – La Crosse, WI), Zack and Wayne (26 | 28 – Stockton, CA), and Mark and Steven (27 | 25 – Atlanta, GA)

Mark and Steven Took the Top Prize with this Incredible Creation, “Warden of the Woods.” Host/Executive Producer Will Arnett and Brickmaster Judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett Declared Mark and Steven the Season Two Winners. Mark and Steven Were Awarded a $100,000 Grand Prize, an Incredible LEGO® Trophy and the Title of LEGO MASTERS!


Gold Derby: Who won battle of the brothers?