¿Quién es la máscara? will return to Mexican television with a new installment in 2022

Press Release

October 11, 2022

After two successful seasons, ¿Quién es la máscara? will return to Mexican television with a new installment that promises to arouse high levels of curiosity in viewers, who are eager to know the identity of the stars who will fight to remain in competition. For that reason, the production surprised all the fans with an impressive gift, showing what the 18 characters that will participate look like.

For a few days, the official Instagram account of the program has been reactivated to share some details about this new edition. It was in that space where they uploaded images of the 18 majestic costumes that from next Sunday, October 16 at 8:30 p.m. will shine on stage and the public will be able to enjoy them through the Canal de las Estrellas .

But that’s not all, they also shared the first clues about all the contestants. To start there is Cornelio , a corncob who loves the films of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and dreams of being an idol on the screen, so it could be an actor or actress. Alebrije is a fan of video games who has a special taste for the stage and music; he could be a musical performer.

Pincushion is a doll that for years has been an important part in the career of other artists. The robots are back and in this new season Bot , an old model, will try to show that he still has a lot to give. Brunch is a young forest-loving monster, while Cactus -possibly originally from the north of the country- is a singer.

Animals cannot be left out and on this occasion Dalmatian -with an outfit inspired by an outfit worn by Emma Stone in Cruella- will impose fashion with great elegance. Elvestruz is considered the best Elvis Presley impersonator and Escoba will dazzle with his melodious voice.

The public will also be able to enjoy Geisha , a very refined heron expert in all kinds of art, but especially in music, knowledge that serves as a topic of conversation. Graffitti is a can of red paint that apparently started off showing off her talent on the subway and then shared it on city streets.

Rider is a sheriff from the west, but not from any town, but from a ghost town full of zombies. Kid Bengala is a retired boxer who is currently dedicated to training future champions of the same sport. Koaláctico is a spaceship that continues to dream of being a child, while Huacal -one of the most surprising suits- is full of the most fashionable vegetables.

Pulpo will also participate , who believes that with the power of music he is capable of conquering hearts. The Egyptian King was a pharaoh of the ancient civilization of the Nile who after years mummified came back to life to follow his dreams and finally there is Triki , a spirit of Caribbean carnivals whose main form of expression is dance

The four celebrities who will make up the panel of researchers are Carlos Rivera, Yuri, Juanpa Zurita -all have participated in previous seasons- and Galilea Montijo will join , a beloved television host who will occupy a place where Consuelo Duval and Mónica Huarte were before.

In an interview for Televisa Espectaculos , the former academic commented that on this occasion he dedicated the program in memory of his father, José Gonzalo, whom he lost more than a month ago: “Not for nothing that phrase that ‘The show must continue’, It’s real, we as artists in the end have to go out and smile even if you’re shattered inside, I’ve lived that moment more than ever […] I know that forcing myself to laugh is going to help me a lot”.