The First Season of MasterChef Celebrity Arrives at Azteca UNO

Press Release

August 19, 2021

Twenty entertainment and sports personalities will wear the MasterChef Celebrity aprons for the first time in the most famous kitchen in Mexico. The incomparable Rebecca de Alba hosts.

Tomorrow at 7:30p.m., the long-awaited edition of the most famous cooking reality show in Mexico and the world, “MasterChef Celebrity,” arrives for the first time on Azteca Uno under the leadership of Rebecca de Alba, who will mark her return to television with her extensive experience, glamour and unique style.

The experienced chefs Betty Vázquez, Adrián Herrera and José Ramón Castillo will once again share their great experience as judges, providing their advice in each of the complex challenges that the 20 celebrities will face.

Talented youngsters Alana Lliteras and Diego Fernández, winners of the first and second seasons of MasterChef Junior, will be in charge of conducting the digital behind-the-scenes content. In addition, Chef Fernando Stovell returns as a special guest to give a sophisticated touch to the most famous cuisine in Mexico.

Under the executive production of Ángel Aponte, whose extensive experience reaffirms TV Azteca’s commitment to provide viewers with the best content and fun for Mexican families, this great season of “MasterChef Celebrity” will have 18 episodes.

“A format of EndemolShine Boomdog, MasterChef Celebrity is a resounding success in all the territories in which it has been made, we are convinced that together with TV Azteca we will follow that trend and create an extraordinary season” said Alejandro Rincon, CEO of Endemol Shine Boomdog.

Dedication, patience, perseverance and companionship will be some of the main ingredients that the contenders will require to be crowned as the first “MasterChef Celebrity” and win one million pesos.

The twenty celebrities who will show off their experience and knowledge in the fascinating and wide field of gastronomy are:

• Laura ZapataActriz
• Mauritius Islands Actor
• Stephanie Salas Actress and singer
• Paco Chacón Referee
• Alicia Machado Actress and host
• Patricia Christmas Actress
• Tony Balardi Comedian
• Aida Cuevas Singer
• Laura Flores Singer, actress and host
• Jimena Pérez ̈La Choco ̈ Conductor
• Dalú Singer-songwriter
• David Solomon Designer
• Matilde Obregón Journalist
• William Valdéz Conductor
• Jorge Aravena Actor
• Jose Joel Singer
• Daniela Alexis ̈Bebeshita”Influencer
• Aristeo Cázares Poliatleta
• Germán Montero Singer
• Javier Vázquez Fitness Coach


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