To Martha with Love! Bravo’s Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Returns for Season Two on Sunday, March 24 at 9 P.M. ET/PT

Press Release

February 21, 2024

Bravo’s Summer House Martha’s Vineyard season 2 premieres Sunday, March 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. New episodes will stream next day on Peacock.

Ten young Black professionals and entrepreneurs head to Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod that was one of the first beach destinations where African-Americans could vacation and purchase property. As they band together to escape their worries, discover the beauty of this exclusive enclave and have an epic summer, it becomes clear that some of their friendships are fractured while others are in full bloom.

Returning to the summertime sanctuary are Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Amir Lancaster, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas and Alex Tyree.

This summer, the housemates are joined by new friend Noelle Hughley.


Jasmine arrives on the vineyard with a big secret and without Silas, as he is serving overseas in the U.S. military. She wants this Vineyard vacation to be her “hot girl summer,” but the growing distance between her and the group, especially her sister-cousin Jordan, puts a damper on her plans.

Hardworking realtor Amir returns for his second Martha’s Vineyard getaway, but this time he’s off the market. Amir is excited to introduce his new love, Natalie, to the group despite their reservations about her. When they blame Natalie for starting drama in the house, however, he’s conflicted over whether he should believe his bros or his girl.

Between her busy DJ career and a stressful health battle, Jordan is looking forward to letting loose and having fun this summer, especially with Preston, Summer and Shanice. The challenge is that she hasn’t spoken to her former bestie Jasmine in months, and it’s making things awkward in the group.

After successfully launching his advocacy and impact strategy consulting company, Preston is beyond ready for another epic Martha’s Vineyard vacation with his friends. Although he finds himself a little more emotional after losing his estranged father, he’s grateful for the love and support of his “wife” Jordan and homegirls Shanice and Summer. He refuses to let his hot and cold relationship with Bria kill his vibe.

Entrepreneur Bria loves nothing more than the finer things in life and her dog, Milo. She’s now in a long-distance relationship with German boyfriend Simon and has resolved to focus on herself and stay out of the mess this summer. However, when things flair up with the housemates’ significant others, all bets are off.

An all-around creative, Alex has always been a magnet for female attention and new housemate Noelle is catching all the feels, but a fling with a housemate puts him in the middle of an awkward love triangle. Will he be able to enjoy the Vineyard in peace with his boys, Nick and Amir, or will chaos ensue?

Everyone’s favorite party starter, Shanice, is ready to turn up with her girls, especially her bestie, Bria. She’s excited to flirt with every man she meets and is enjoying her new friendship with housemate Noelle. However, when the scandal surrounding Shanice’s ex resurfaces yet again, we see another side to this fun and carefree Playmate.

Dapper Nick returns to the Vineyard eager to hang out with his longtime frat brother, Alex, along with Amir and his other friends. This summer he’s running a 5K race on the island. He’s in a pretty good place with everyone, but the group questions his affectionate personality with the ladies and his loyalty to his girlfriend, Tasia. Now this Southern gentleman must fight to defend his reputation while keeping his dignity intact.

Summer is dealing with some personal turmoil, and a Vineyard getaway is just what she needs. Her friend Noelle is coming along, and she’s looking forward to introducing her to everyone. Summer is single and open to meeting someone new, but her flirtation with Alex has become somewhat murky.

New to the summer-share, Atlanta peach Noelle Hughley is thrilled that her friend, Summer, invited her to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. She, Bria and Shanice are close and form an alter-ego group called the Meow Girls. She’s single and ready to mingle, and Alex has caught her attention. With faith, a bubbly personality and Southern charm, what could possibly go wrong?

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is produced by Truly Original. Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Ronica Wynder, Shanae Humphrey and Morris Thorpe executive produce. Nick Prescott and Talisha Henderson co-executive produce.


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